Faith Christian Fellowship


Faith Christian Fellowship Ministry is Christ-centered, mission-oriented, Spirit-filled, Bible-based missionary organization revolving among the community with the purpose to reach those people with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, who have still not been reached with the gospel of truth.

The FCF Preaching and Orphanage Ministry is a Christian Organization in Pakistan working for slaved, orphaned, neglected and surrendered children in Karachi, Pakistan helping 23 children with food, living and education, and help the children through schooling them at home and in public schools.
During door to door, house to house, street to street, village to village mission and gospel sending trips, we came across a serious issue with poor families and their children, and the FCF Ministry is agreed upon receiving and hearing the call to start doing what God has shown and stared in us since 2004.

Karachi is an area where there is a prevalence of landless laborers who are mostly Christians. In areas like Karachi, due to the low family income, these laborers are forced in times of crisis to approach land owners or loom owners to ask for loans.

Although the loans taken by the laborers are small, the exorbitant interest rates (10-15% a month) and the lack of valid records of repayment make debt bondage continuous. The form of debt bondage in this area, which is enforced through violence, meets all Free the Slaves criteria for slavery. The children of the families in the debt bondage are forced to work along with their parents during daytime, leaving no time for education.
The FCF Ministry has targeted 3 villages with high level of bonded laborers and has started prayers and intercessions to open up the doors to establish schools in all the three villages serving 50-75 children each, ages 6-10.

We are very grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ, for He has allowed us, and moved us within our spirits, to keep on going even in the times of trials, difficulties and hurdles. Our goal is to have one formal Orphanage House where the children may live peacefully and rejoice in the blessing of God for a lodging which they may trust to be their own home. We ask that friends, individuals, and ministries pray along with us for this very purpose.

It has been exciting to see the children growing physically and in the love of Lord Jesus Christ.

God has made a place for these children at Good Shepherd Ministry where they can be placed out of harm’s way. God has also promised in His Word that He will not leave us as orphans (John 14:18) and we are seeing the literal evidence of that promise through Lord’s grace upon the FCF Ministry. It is our desire that these precious little ones would be brought up to know their Heavenly Father who is mindful of every sparrow that falls and who has had His hand on them, protecting them and putting into place a plan for each of their lives.

FCF Ministry is blessed to serve the Lord in the community where the Christians are discriminated and persecuted on the extreme level of being considered untouchables.

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