Your moral support and prayers are extremely needed and highly appreciated. If you see that you can help with Christian literature you have, or you can help poor Christian Children with your old clothes which are no longer in use for you, and you are requested to help with stationary like pencils, note books, books, uniforms and things like that.
And you may also send your donations and financial support in the name of our ministry to the fee of the children in different schools, for their nourishment, and for medication to help them leave drugs.
Your donation, prayers, moral and financial support is greatly needed and highly respected. I assure that you little contribution will be a BIG deal to help a child on the road which leads to Christ and ultimately who will be beneficial for the whole society.

You may send your donations through Western Union, or Money Gram.

To send your Donations through Wesntern Union of MoneyGram services please use the following information:


Website Western Union:

Website MoneyGram:


Funds Receiver's Name: Faisal Anwer
Address: House # 389, St. # 07
Essa Nagri Karachi
City: Karachi   
Postoal Code: 74800
Country: Pakistan


For any further inquirey please contact at:



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